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    First,please make sure the floor or wall is dry clean and flat.01. Apply the adhesive onto the surface.02.Apply the mosaic tile sheets into the mortar/adhesive.03.Use light and even pressure to establish contact.

  • The 127th Canton Fair will be held online in the middle or late June


    In response to the severe situation of global epidemic spread, the State Council decided to hold the 127th Canton Fair Online in the middle or late June. Inviting domestic and foreign merchants to show their products online, using advanced information technology, providing all-weather online promotion, procurement and docking, online negotiation and other services, building an online foreign trade platform for high-quality characteristic commodities, so that Chinese and foreign merchants can not leave home to place orders and do business.

  • How will the 127th Canton fair,the first online Canton Fair be held?


    The Ministry of Commerce held a press conference in the new office of the people's Republic of China to disclose the information of the online Canton Fair. Ren Hongbin, Assistant Minister of Commerce, said that the 127th Canton Fair proposed to replace physical exhibitions with online exhibitions, which is not only a practical measure to deal with the epidemic, but also a major measure for innovation and development.

  • ARTGRES MOSAIC will attend 127th canton fair


    Foshan Artgres Industrial Co., Ltd., has been focusing on mosaic for more than 13 years. We have been focused on mosaic for 13 years and participate canton fair twice every year, which makes us familiar with market trend all over the world.

  • 124th fair exhibition notice


    From 15th Apr. to 19th Apr. we attended the #125 Canton fair again. It is our 28th times to show our mosaic tile collections in this important fair again. Thanks the supporting from all our customers. We will always do our best.

  • 124th exhibition talks


    From 15th Oct. to 19th Oct. , Artgres Mosaic will attend the 124th session of China Import and Export Fair. Welcome to visit our booth No.9.2H04. We bring our 300 items there for our customers.

  • Analysis and development trend of China’s mosaic industry


    Once upon a time, as a dependency of ceramic tiles, Mosaic has always been in an awkward position in the domestic building materials market. In recent years, the domestic Mosaic industry has finally raised its eyebrows, showing its vitality and improving its status. Driven by the rapid growth of the domestic economy, the Mosaic industry, which is mature and saturated,

  • Trends in decorative materials and decoration styles


    According to relevant statistics, in addition to environmental protection as the primary standard, consumers are more inclined to “simple style” in the choice of materials and decoration styles. The data shows that Nordic simplicity has become the favorite decoration style of current consumers. Fresh style, simple fashion and simple solid color have become the most popular three styles.

  • Mosaic tile advantages


    the Mosaic can be rich in shower room, living room, and other spaces, colorful, itself is still a very good ornament.

  • Mosaic tile introduction


    Mosaic tiles are materials for laying bathroom walls and floors. It was used as early as the early 1980s. Today, Mosaic tiles are coming back, and they have become the darling of decorative materials in a colorful form, which is favored by avant-garde and fashionable families.